Walter Knoll new start in Singapore with Royal Interiors

Posted by Arun Raj on November 08, 2022

Since August 2021, Walter Knoll is has joined Royal Interiors portfolio of exclusive European brands displayed in our showroom.

The brand was founded in 1865 by Wilhem Knoll in Stuttgart, Germany and became over the years one of the most famous luxury furniture brand.

 Here are the core values of the brand:

Design that remains.

Walter Knoll design is about validity. Something that lasts a long time has intrinsic value, certainly from an aesthetic point of view. And naturally, modernity is the most sustainable design school of all with its clever use of resources. We discover time and again just how sustainable Walter Knoll is when we examine our own timeless design – valid for generations.

Materials that touch us.

Walter Knoll unites technology and nature: the suppleness of leather, the natural elegance of our materials, the grown beauty of solid wood. Best raw materials, finest processing, excellent craftsmanship. We cultivate
an awareness of old virtues and the techniques of craftsmanship and continuously develop them further.

Spaces that move us.

Walter Knoll creates living spaces. People immediately feel at home in environments furnished with products by Walter Knoll. And that is because we work with a range of natural colors and materials. Colors, fabrics and materials which are all based on examples from nature. With these elements, you can compose unique and harmonious worlds.

“What remains is of value.”