St Thomas - Royal 1956 x Zync

Zync Studio + Workshop is a Singapore-based interior design firm established in 2000 and is led by Glynis Ng. The firm’s design language is characterized by its bespoke approach which is rooted in a classic yet contemporary style. The firm has built up an extensive track record of projects in countries spanning Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Glynis’ education is rooted in Industrial Design from which her approach to Interior Design stems from a precise and careful understanding of the materials used and the meticulous construction of well crafted interior spaces. Here is the link to Glynis' IG profile


Jaan Living sofa by Walter Knoll, Coffee table by Malerba, Rug by Stepevi


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  • valentina 11:04 AM

    Hi I am looking for new sofa but minimalis not leather…prefer L shape but not too big as my living room so small. have dining table together in one Room

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