Ptolomeo Luce
Ptolomeo Luce
Ptolomeo Luce
Ptolomeo Luce
Ptolomeo Luce

Ptolomeo Luce

$3,473 $4,015

In honor of the Compasso d'Oro's tenth anniversary, Ptolomeo has been outfitted with warm white LED lighting to highlight the furniture's volumes and create a more luxurious atmosphere.

Ptolomeo Luce combines the most famous characteristics of Original Ptolomeo with a working LED light mounted to the back. This unique Ptolomeo sculpture serves as both a lamp and a book shelf, allowing for the orderly display of books and the diffusion of warm light.

Like the original form Ptolomeo Luce is made up of a lacquered metal column, resting on a strong base, also made of metal, meant to give equilibrium to the entire structure.

When a column is filled with books, the little, overlapping shelves vanish. Ptolomeo Luce's ingenious back-lighting system heightens the impressive impression created by standing in front of a stack of books that may stand on their own and challenge your height.

Its simple, essential design makes it a great addition to any room, whether it's a bedroom, a living room nook, or a studio, and it comes in three different heights and six different combinations of finishes (just like Original Ptolomeo).

Bruno Rainaldi - 2014

Born in 1952 in Milan, Italy, Bruno Rainaldi is a renowned composer. He began his career in design communication at an early age, thus he learned on the job.

After working as the manager of Milan's first High-Tech emporium on Corso di Porta Ticinese, he went on to work with Maddalena De Padova at her historic showroom on Corso Venezia and later became a partner in Baleri & Associati with Enrico Baleri, where he was in charge of defining communication strategies for design companies and retail outlets.

His upbringing as a self-taught individual led him to later ironically and anti-celebratively label himself a "street designer," and to describe his aesthetic as "chaotically rigorous."

In the mid-1980s, he established Studio Rari, of which he later became the creative director and spirit. In addition, he began a career as an art director for a number of prominent Italian design firms, including Alivar, Casprini, MDF Italia, Mussi Italy, Sintesi, Slamp, and Terzani.

In the same era, he met the Ciatti family, initiating a long-lasting friendship and creative partnership that would eventually give birth to CCR and Opinion Ciatti.

At the turn of the millennium, he shifted his focus to the field of design. In 2002, he co-founded ENTRATALIBERA with Marta Giardini to create a unique venue for design and design culture, sales, and encounters in the center of Milan.

In the meantime, he shifted his attention to the study and creation of objects, furnishing accessories, and lamps, where his years of experience in the field mingled with inventive design.

The Ptolomeo bookshelf, one of many pieces he designed, won the 2004 Compasso d'Oro. Bruno Rainaldi co-founded Opinion Ciatti in 2006 with a young Lapo Ciatti who had recently joined the family firm.