Adam Wood Bookshelve
Adam Wood Bookshelve

Adam Wood Bookshelve


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The ADAM WOOD bookshelf is Kartell's first serious piece of furniture for living rooms.

Its curving wooden shelves and three-dimensional painted steel frame have both been optimized using computer-aided design (CAD) software to minimize material and energy use while increasing the structure's elegance and durability.

You can buy and set up this ultra-lightweight bookcase in a flash.

Adam Wood is a piece of furniture with a unique modularity that can completely transform the character of a room.

In order to maximize storage space, bookcases can be butted up against one another, and shelves can be set at varying heights to accommodate individual preferences.

Adam Wood is offered in two different wood tones and two different frame colors.

Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck is an honest man who comes from a long line of painters who were influential throughout the Renaissance, and he is also an inventor, creator, architect, designer, and artistic director.