Big Waves Dining Table
Big Waves Dining Table
Big Waves Dining Table
Big Waves Dining Table
Big Waves Dining Table

Big Waves Dining Table

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Table with base made of four or six separate 30 mm DV Glass elements with colored stripes.

Tempered top made of 15 mm transparent glass, back-lacquered with monochrome colors or hand-finished with Ecomalta, finergrained texture finish, or in Canaletto walnut veneered wood, Tobacco finish.

Ludovica + Roberto Palomba

Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, the "golden couple" of Italian design, have been making things that don't follow trends for more than 25 years.

First of all, they have a philosophical approach: they look for the essence of each project, which is closer to the idea of balance in oriental heritage than to the nordic style. The goal of their work is not only to look good, but also to make people feel good.

A bold design that doesn't have any inconsistencies, is the same distance from over-the-top decor as it is from radical minimalism, and is the result of choosing values and themes rather than a project to get rid of things.

The curved lines of the organic shape and the strict squareness are from different worlds, but they've been able to make them talk to each other, like in the bathroom world, where they are seen as the main characters.

With a design that aims to bring as many people together as possible, it's not a coincidence that most of their research has been on industrial molds and mass production. They have a more democratic view, but they don't think it's wrong to look for a part of the artisan tradition that can keep and pass on the culture of Italian knowledge making. This shows that they are both curious and two-sided.

Their sign is mature and controlled, and it ties together very different projects like a red thread. Every function, every shape, and every aesthetic is transversed in a temporal dialogue from one object to another and from one company to another. A deconstructed vocabulary creates a free vocabulary because, as they say, "No freedom can limit the freedom of others."

In 25 years, they have looked into almost every kind of furniture, dressing the functions with emotions and never repeating, even if the functions are obvious.

Their products are made to last, not just on the market but also in the lives of the people who choose them. This is the key to their success: the ability to become abstract in a world that screams and tries desperately to be noticed, the desire to give lasting happiness and well-being by fitting in with everyday habits.

Ludovica and Roberto Palomba say, "It would be easier for us to use decorations and figures of speech than to look into politeness." Their ability to project has influenced many fields over the years, and they have recently landed in architecture, boating, and contracts because of their never-ending curiosity.

They have won many international awards, such as the CompassoD'Oro, the Elle Decoration International Design Award, the Red Dot, the Design Plus Award, the Good Design Award, and the German Design Award.

They work together and are the art directors for some of the most well-known brands.

Antolini, Benetti, Bisazza, Boffi, Bosa, Cappellini, CC Tapis, Dornbracht, Driade, Elica, Elmar, Exteta, Fendi, Fiam, Flaminia, Foscarini, GandiaBlasco, Hoesch, Kartell, Kenzo Parfums, KitchenAid, Kos, Laufen, Lema, Maserati, Panasonic, Poltrona Frau, Rapsel, Samsung, Sawaya& Moroni, Schiffini, Tectona. When Objects Work, Zanotta, Zucchetti, Tubes, Valli&Valli, Viccarbe, When Objects Work, Zanotta.