Caldeira Mirror
Caldeira Mirror
Caldeira Mirror

Caldeira Mirror

$4,184 $4,600

High-temperature fused back-silvered glass mirror, 8 mm in thickness, with artistic relief ornamentation, 5 mm in thickness, on the back. Back metal frame that has been varnished.

Different ways of hanging it are possible.

Xavier Lust

Famous all over the world, Xavier Lust is a major player in the fashion industry. For Fiam, he made the Graph desk out of curved glass and the Caldeira mirror.

He created the Xavier Lust Design Studio in Brussels, which focuses on four areas of design (furniture and industrial manufacturing, limited editions and pieces for art galleries, interior design, and industrial and urban design), in 1999 after studying interior design at the Institut Saint Luc. In 2000, Lust began working as a designer for MDF Italia, a partnership that has now expanded to include work with other prominent international manufacturers like Driade, De Padova, Baleri Italia, and Extremis.

His creative (de)formation method of metallic surfaces results in recognizable curves and tension in his finished pieces. In addition to the Compasso d'Oro, he has won scores of other accolades. More than 50 shows have featured his work, and international design magazines frequently include him. He is a frequent lecturer at some of the most prestigious schools of art and design in the world. Olga Bozhko, a Russian critic, says that one of the best things about Xavier's work is how it gives the viewer the impression of being light and moving around. "Through his creations, he is able to convey the seemingly unattainable. It's as if his creations are born fully formed rather than conceived."