Capdell Iconica Armchair 245

Capdell Iconica Armchair 245

$1,852 $2,466

Iconica is a timeless piece away from ephemeral fashions. Its unique structure makes it a protagonist in any environment, eminently Mediterranean with Nordic influences.

Its comfort is one of basic characteristics for its ergonomics. Possibly in the future it will be an antiquarian piece.

It has a solid beech wood structure and handcrafted upholstery developed with a back braid using waterproof plush leather.


Capdell's name refers to the family nickname with the meaning of "persistent and dedicated". The company creates a new strategy: the incorporation of design in its values, advancing towards design as an integral process of the company and innovation.

A chair is no longer a chair, it begins to tell a story and connect with the people who sit on it.

Capdell today is the result of combining a timeless and contemporary aesthetic with a durable construction with noble materials.

Aiming to create durable furniture capable of passing from generation to generation. Each of our collections is the result of a joint project between company and designer .

Our design values ​​are based on a balance between aesthetics and function, always with the aim of manufacturing products that last and acquire value over time.

We seek to create dialogues between spaces and people through design . Comfort, the use of noble materials, shapes, textures or colors are essential elements to achieve these dialogues.