Miss Stick Table Lamp

Miss Stick Table Lamp

$1,065 $1,242

A perfect lamp for luminous intimacy, a book to browse in the semi dark, with just a light beam directed at the letters, a score to decipher, an object to highlight.

The miss stick lamp brings a flexibility of use combined with an elegance of manufacture which make this lamp one of our favorites of the collection of Catellani & Smith.

Its adjustable stem allows a perfectly targeted use of light. Without a doubt, this is another success of the Catellani collection.

Like all Catelllani lamps, the Miss Stick lamp is a perfect success and will find its unconditional lovers.

Enzo Catellani

Born in 1950, Enzo Catellani lives in Bergamo. During the 1980s, he began the limited-series production of lamps made to his designs, for sale through his own shop.

In 1989, the lamps attracted the attention of Düsseldorf-based distributors Renate and Peter Meese, who presented them at the Ambiente expo in Frankfurt, where they were rapturously received.

In the same year, he set up the Catellani & Smith company, which – thanks to a combination of creativity and determination, and the input of an excellent team – led to prestigious successes both in Europe and around the world.

The uniqueness of the company's production system and the particular nature of their facilities have made Castellani & Smith a favourite of specialist journals and international clients.

Castellani has been featured in numerous periodicals around the world. In short, he has invented a new working style that reflects his specific skills.