Wa Wa Table Lamp

Wa Wa Table Lamp

$1,830 $2,133

The Wa Wa F LED Floor Lamp was designed by Enzo Catellani for the brand Catellani & Smith. Each piece is handcrafted in Catellani's workshop in northern Italy and carries the Italian seal of approval.

Catellani named the Wa Wa F LED Floor Lamp after hearing a Japanese visitor at one of his exhibitions saying, "wa, wa" when she saw the lamp's beautiful effect. He realised that "wa" means "perfect" in Japanese - and the rest is history.

Standing 190cm tall, this lamp is best described as a metal tree with adjustable copper branches. Each branch holds one interchangeable LED bulb and a glass lens. The lens bundles the light and creates a striking circular pattern on nearby walls and surfaces.

The Wa Wa F Floor Lamp has a dimmer switch on the power cable, so you can fully tailor its unique lighting effect to suit your space and mood.

Enzo Catellani

Born in 1950, Enzo Catellani lives in Bergamo. During the 1980s, he began the limited-series production of lamps made to his designs, for sale through his own shop.

In 1989, the lamps attracted the attention of Düsseldorf-based distributors Renate and Peter Meese, who presented them at the Ambiente expo in Frankfurt, where they were rapturously received.

In the same year, he set up the Catellani & Smith company, which – thanks to a combination of creativity and determination, and the input of an excellent team – led to prestigious successes both in Europe and around the world.

The uniqueness of the company's production system and the particular nature of their facilities have made Castellani & Smith a favourite of specialist journals and international clients.

Castellani has been featured in numerous periodicals around the world. In short, he has invented a new working style that reflects his specific skills.