Benny Keramik set of 3 side table

Benny Keramik set of 3 side table

$3,045 $5,161

The Benny and Benny Keramik family of designer coffee tables includes dozens of versions, easily adaptable to different spatial needs and colour combinations.

Also, thanks to the X-shaped legs, the Benny coffee tables best express themselves when placed side by side with different heights and sizes to bring dynamism to the living room. This modern coffee table has a linear and minimalist design to allow its precious materials to shine.

The Benny version has a mirrored glass top, while the Benny Keramik top is available in various nuances of sophisticated Marmi ceramic. Among the various combinations that can be created, it is available in a two-height narrow model.

The lower version can be used as a centrepiece, while the higher version can be placed on another living room coffee table, creating a bridge, or used as a sofa side table.

Studio Kronos

Studio Kronos was founded by the esteemed designers at Cattelan Italia, but it operates independently. Their use of whimsical geometry results in products that stand out from the crowd. The items are perfect for contemporary spaces because they are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.