Drop Bookcase

Drop Bookcase

$2,517 $4,655

With a drop shape evocative of its function, this wall bottle holder is an original complement to your designer living room. The bottles and objects on display make Drop both a decorative and functional designer object.

The Cattelan Italia collection of modern bookcases is an expression of the company's creative flair and stylistic quest. The meticulous attention to detail and finishes guarantees quality and durability, essential characteristics for furnishing a refined designer dining room.

Pierpaolo Zanchin

In addition to winning the 2007 Tap Design Contest and receiving an honorable mention in the 2012 Carbon Fiber Design Competition, Italian designer Pierpaolo Zanchin has won numerous other awards. He was born in Padova in 1975 and attended the Italian School of Design to sharpen his skills and learn cutting-edge design methods.

The innovative and practical qualities of Zanchin's creations make them ideal for use in today's urban environments. The geometrical features he incorporates into his work are astounding, and he has a knack for using space in interesting ways. Zanchin's work has earned acclaim and admiration because to the attention to detail and the striking contrasts between the various materials used.