Coral Beach Dining Table
Coral Beach Dining Table
Coral Beach Dining Table
Coral Beach Dining Table

Coral Beach Dining Table

$8,523 $9,365


Table with painted metal base, Lava Grey oe Metallic Greige finish. Top in 15 mm fused and tempered glass, available transparent or back-lacquered with metallic paints.


Mac Stopa

Mac Stopa, who started Massive Design, is a designer and architect who has won awards for his work in architecture, interior design, industrial design, graphic design, art, and fashion, among other areas. Google, Samsung, BMW, Unilever, Pernod Ricard, Bacardi-Martini, Cargill, AstraZeneca, MasterCard, Credit Suisse, Viacom, PwC, and EY are some of Massive Design's clients.

Mac's architectural works include the futuristic building that houses the Genesis restaurant and Art Walk, an open-air art gallery with an organic shape. Both are part of European Square in downtown Warsaw, which also has the Warsaw Spire office complex. Mac designed the modern lobby interiors of the Warsaw Spire buildings, including the award-winning lobby interiors of the Warsaw Spire "A" Tower, which were made using GRG technology and organic walls, doors, and a modular ceiling (Red Dot Design Award 2017). Other awards for the above projects include the Best Office & Business Development Award at MIPIM 2017, the Architectural Prize of the Mayor of Warsaw for Best Public Space in 2017, and the Best of Year Award 2016 for Art Walk from Interior Design magazine in New York. Ghelamco built European Square. Mac designed the award-winning interiors of the Ghelamco Arena in Ghent, Belgium, for the same company.

Mac has done industrial design work for many companies, including A.S. Création, Bolon, DuPontTM, Cappellini, Casali, Casamania, FIAM Italia, Italcementi, Laminam, M2 Carpets, Milliken, Mohawk Group, Mosaico Digitale, NMC, Nowy Styl Group, SIX INCH, Profim, and Tonon, among others. Since 2013, Mac's designs have won more than 90 international design awards, including multiple Red Dot Design Awards (including a Red Dot: Best of the Best in 2016), GOOD DESIGNTM Awards, Interior Design Best of Year Awards, Interior Design HIP Awards, ICONIC AWARDS: Interior Innovation (including a Best of Best Award in 2017), German Design Awards, and an iF Award. The International Interior Design Association (IIDA) gave Mac Stopa the IIDA Titan Award in June 2017 in Chicago. This award is given to people who have made important contributions to the interior design field. Mac won an IIDA Global Excellence Award in January 2018 in Paris for his design of the Immaterial Dream Interni Press Office installation, which was part of the 2017 Interni Material-Immaterial exhibition. Interior Design magazine gave Mac the 2018 Product Designer HIP Award at NeoCon in Chicago. In November 2018, the Prime Minister of Poland gave Mac the prestigious Badge of Honor for Merits for Inventiveness in Warsaw.

Mac's designs are inspired by his love of math and geometry. His love of modularity, sculptural forms, and digital art drives him to make modular objects for mass production that bring new ideas to the market and let the user interact with the objects and change them to fit the function or character of a space. His industrial designs, which include furniture, lighting, flooring, fixtures, wall coverings, textiles, and other products and finishes, are a mix of ideas, technologies, and cultures, which are sometimes mixed in experimental ways. From furniture and clothes to electric guitars and building facades, he often uses bright, bold colors and 3D graphics to make modern objects that make people feel good.

Mac also made the Hybrid Collection table installation for DIFFA's Dining by Design New York 2015 and several installations for Interni's exhibitions during Milan Design Week, such as FLOW (2012), Interni Hybrid Press Office and Parabola Collection (2013), Waves of Creativity Press Office (2015), Design Without Borders Press Office (2016), Immaterial Dream Press Office (2017), and Human Rooms Press Office (2017). (2019).

The designs of Mac have been in international newspapers, movies, and music videos. In 2018, Oscar-winning Italian director Paolo Sorrentino put his Tapa poufs in the movie Loro, which was shown all over the world. Set designer Giulia Busnengo chose tapa for the scene that takes place in the garden of Silvio Berlusconi's villa in Sardinia. In 2019, Natalia Kukulska's music video Rekonstrukcja showed the inside of the Warsaw Spire and the Drum chairs designed by Mac Stopa for Cappellini. Mac also plays the electric guitar and writes music.