Donald Night Table
Donald Night Table
Donald Night Table

Donald Night Table

$8,223 $12,804

DONALD, a table for use in the bedroom, is built in the form of an "oval trumpet," and its top can be rotated to reveal a hidden storage space.

The exterior of the table is upholstered in leather that has been sartorially tooled, and then finished with double stitching to accentuate the wedge shape of the piece.

This night table has a single size and a simple, sophisticated design, making it ideal for a bedroom.

Cornelio Cappellini

Cornelio Cappellini is a "family company" of contemporary furniture that was founded in the Fifties in Brianza, an area near Milan that is widely regarded as a global epicenter of innovation. Cornelio Cappellini, the company's namesake, is the company's founder. At the turn of the millennium, the company is being run by the founder's children, who have been instrumental in the company's success as creative and commercial leaders since the company's inception.

Within its first half-century of operation, the Cornelio Cappellini company specialized in the production of traditional furniture, using construction and finishing techniques passed down from generation to generation. The company's fortunes began to turn around in 2004 when it became aware of emerging market growth and other global trends for the first time. More and more crystals, noble metals, soft fabrics, and leathers are being incorporated into the designs of the collections, giving them a bold glamorous emphasis.

In 2018, we see the start of a new era in which luxury and elegance coexist in perfect harmony, as reflected in an uptick in the production of even more cutting-edge goods and collections. To capitalize on this sentiment, the Hessentia collection was launched, where it has met with growing success in both established and emerging markets, including Europe and North America.