Vera Side Chair

Vera Side Chair

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  • SKU: COST/VERA/001-9331
The striking design of the Vera dining chair brings elegance to any contemporary dining space, whether for special occasions or everyday use.

The chair's angles form a triangle when viewed from the side. as a desirable feature.

The cushioned seat and back make it ideal for mealtime use, while the chair's straight back provides ergonomic support to encourage healthy posture.

When paired with any of Costantini Pietro's high-end dining tables, the Vera chairs are a perfect addition to any table.

Giorgio Soressi

Even as a young child, Giorgio Soressi was already drawing at his family's house in Cremona, in northern Italy. If I had to guess, I'd say I was three years old. "Very, very little," admits Soressi. I took some white gesso and started drawing on the carpet. Don't you know what white gesso is? In addition, I've just started covering every available surface in my studio with paintings. I'm a wall-based creator: I write, I paint, I design. I enjoy climbing walls very much. Not to mention the ground below."

Few developments can be noted. At present, while not on the road, Soressi pedals the mile to his studio in Treviso, north of Venice, where he not only sketches and paints on every available surface but also creates furniture and, most importantly, plays guitar.

His declaration of undying adoration for musical expression. Everything I do, everything I hear, everything I see—all of it is music to me. I put my entire inner and outer experience into my songs. Everything is music: the river, the stars, and the air. Color represents sound waves and music. We jam together whenever we can.

There was always music in the house because his dad was a famous violinist. Soressi began playing the guitar at the age of 13, and by the time he was 17, he was performing professionally in bars and clubs. The demands of home life eventually caught up with her.

It gets to a point where "there is the wife, there is the little daughter," he explains. I've stopped going out and playing with my friends. So I'm going to start with my first talent, which is design. Now that the semester is over, I am free from classes. None of this belongs to me. I work."

As his career progressed, Soressi was commissioned by a growing number of Italian clients. In addition to furniture, the work spans numerous other mediums, such as lighting, rugs, ceramics, and glassware (a particular favorite of his).

When I create something, I infuse it with everything I've learned over the years, everyone I've ever met, and every piece of music I've ever played. An object devoid of character is worthless. If you don't put a little bit of yourself into this, it won't amount to anything, and I think that's true of anything we create.

Although he is not limited by modernism, his aesthetic leans in that direction. "To be contemporary while appreciating tradition and history," he explains. This is roughly what I'm thinking about when I take action. When I go on a sofa, I don't try to alter the world. Here I am, venturing off into the world. No one needs to go out into the world full of ego and aggression. It's best to enter the world with as little baggage as possible.

Due to his extreme reclusiveness, Soressi has no website or presence on social media. I spend all my time in here painting, designing, thinking, and playing. So far, so good; this is my existence. It's nothing special, yet I find myself enjoying this.