Glo-Ball Basic 1 Table Lamp
Glo-Ball Basic 1 Table Lamp

Glo-Ball Basic 1 Table Lamp

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Table/desk lamp providing diffused light. Diffuser consisting of an externally acidetched, hand blown, flashed opaline glass and a die-cast aluminum threaded ring nut with alodine plating finish.

30% fiberglass reinforced injection-molded polyamide base. Gray painted, die-cast aluminum diffuser support.On the cable there is the electronic dimmer which allows the regulation of light brightness.

Jasper Morrison, 2009

British designer Jasper Morrison is well-known for his contributions to the worlds of furniture, lighting, dinnerware, and more. He was born in London in 1959 and had his education in design at Kingston Polytechnic, the Royal College of Art, and the HdK in Berlin. Back in 1986, he established office for design in London, which is still his primary location. He aspires to create pieces that look at home in any typical domestic setting. The Zampa, APC, and Iso-Lounge chairs, as well as the Oplight and Raami dinnerware, and the Raami mobile phone are all relatively new designs.

As seen by his Handlebar Table (1982), Jasper first found success by creating and selling one-off designs created from preexisting parts. He became famous for his minimalistic furniture designs such the Thinking Man's Chair (1985), Plywood Chair (1988), and 1144 Handle (1991). His early shows displayed his ingenuity by generating a potent mood with only three walls and a few objects, such as Reuters News Centre at Documenta 8 (1987) and Some New Items for the Home at the Berlin Design Werkstadt (1988). Some of the first factories to produce Jasper's designs were in London (Aram and SCP), Milan (Cappellini), and Brakel (FSB). He now designs for Vitra, Flos, Emeco, Magis, Maruni, Muji, and Alessi, among others. Here are just a few: the Hal chair; the Rotary Tray; the Glo-ball lighting system; the Alfi; the Air Chair; the cutlery; and the Glass Family. He has spent years perfecting his ability to create designs that are at once recognizable and novel.

Super Normal, an exhibition Jasper co-curated with Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa in 2006, exemplified Jasper's approach to design. It was in 2009, right next to Jasper Morrison's London studio, that this show sparked the idea for the Jasper Morrison Shop. His creations are among those offered in the Shop's global selection of goods.

Many of Jasper's publications from Lars Müller Publishers express his philosophy and style. Among these are Super Normal, A Book of Things, A World Without Words, and the Good Life (with Naoto Fukasawa). Both as a curator and an exhibitor, he has been involved in dozens of shows in Japan and all throughout Europe. He has received numerous awards for his design work, including the Compasso d'Oro, the CBE, and membership in the prestigious Royal Designers for Industry.