Glo Pendant Lamp (M)

Glo Pendant Lamp (M)

$1,408 $2,020

  • SKU: PENTA/GLO/008- 0811212417
"The glass sphere known as "Glo" in our collection serves to intensify the light's reflections in a playful game that can involve the lamp, the surrounding area, and even other Glo lights.

A tribute to originality, these suspension lamps come in a rainbow of hues and sizes."

Carlo Colombo

When discussing influential Italian architects and designers, Carlo Colombo is often mentioned.

Starting with the likes of Amini, Flexform, Poliform, Giorgetti, Rugiano, Cappellini, Antoniolupi, Poltrona Frau, Cartier, Flou, Penta Light, Elie Saab, Bentley Home, Bugatti Home, Trussardi Casa, Olivari, Faber, and many more, he has worked with some of the biggest names in Italian design.

Colombo not only handles product and furniture design, but also business strategy and marketing.

He also acts as a consultant and art director for the companies he works with, in addition to curating shows. In 2011, he started teaching design at Beijing's De Tao Masters Academy.

His career started out in the realm of interior design and eventually expanded into the realm of building both in Italy and overseas.

Carlo Colombo is a skilled artist whose work has won him numerous accolades over his distinguished career.

Currently, the studio's A++ portfolio includes global projects ranging from interior to architectural design.