Gregory Module - Peninsula
Gregory Module - Peninsula
Gregory Module - Peninsula
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Gregory Module - Peninsula

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Made in Italy

W232 x D196 x H43/ 88 cm

Upholstery: Leather Cat F Danka 300 Perla
Belts: Leather Cat H Maori 697 grigio 
Thread: Piattina 116 contrasting
Piping: Leather Cat H Maori 697 grigio/ button in burnished alum
Legs: Wenge Col 6

Gregory is unique leather design sofa in terms of size, worth and final finishing as well as being a spectacular showcase for our sartorial skills. Premium leather clings to each single part of the frame elegantly outlined by topstitching around the edges. Leather buckles on the armrests and backrests are decorative details which define and add an original inflection - a signature touch by the visionary designer Giuseppe Vigano who has a bent for introducing iconic fashion flair into the world of interior decor.