Ala Chaise Lounge

Ala Chaise Lounge

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  • SKU: I4MA/ALA/001-CHL
The inspiration for the new armchair came from a desire to create a piece that was both modern and classically elegant.

Base and seat with integrated table are constructed of two concave and convex curved surfaces, alternating beautifully, defining the chair's ergonomic and sinuous line.

From the mattress's fine stitching to the straps that hold the headrest, which are totally exclusive too, with diagonal stitching, the design's streamlined essentialism is elevated by the attention to detail typical of a company that has always placed a premium on quality and the careful selection of materials.

You can choose to have Ala's base upholstered in saddle leather to provide a seamless transition between the seat and the frame, or you can choose the even more luxurious and sophisticated black walnut to highlight the chair's already luxurious and sophisticated design.

Matteo Nunziati

As early as the year 2000, Matteo Nunziati established his Milan-based interior design firm.

The studio's product design team works with prominent manufacturers of home furnishings, lighting, and textiles.

The Interior Design department is internationally renowned for its work on five-star hotels, private villas and apartments, health spas, and other luxury establishments.

A number of the world's leading design publications, both Italian and otherwise, have featured his works. Additionally, Matteo Nunziati's Design experiences were featured on SKY TV for four episodes.