Shell Plus Dining Table
Shell Plus Dining Table

Shell Plus Dining Table

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  • SKU: NATI/SHELL/001-32103
A spherical ceramic top with a variety of finishes rests above two "waves" in oiled ash that are reminiscent of a shell's shape.

If previous versions of Shell were impressive, then this one must be even better. Shell is a marvel of social design because to its large, circular top (180 cm in circumference) and central swivel tray (84 cm in diameter).

In fact, by revolving, it eliminates the need for diners to pass plates to one another or stand up to access food. The tray is an interchangeable part that shares its material with the main tabletop.


Natisa was born with two souls: one that is a pro-human artisan and the other that is a lover of innovation and design.

The Natisa design was developed using new forms that are dedicated to the home, office furniture, and contract industry. These new forms were inspired by the warmth and dignity of wood.

We adore wood in any and every form it can take.