Rialto Modulo sideboard
Rialto Modulo sideboard
Rialto Modulo sideboard
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Rialto Modulo sideboard

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A sideboard made of solid wood and blockboard, with either an iron or wooden frame, and distinguished by the asymmetrical lines generated by the doors and drawers, which are connected using dovetail joints.


Giuliano Cappelletti

Giuliano and Gabriele Cappelletti began working together on products for Riva 1920 by adding to Giuliano's already extensive Rialto collection of furniture.

All of these items have one thing in common: the emotional response they elicit from the consumer because of their attention to detail in terms of history, shape, and material composition.

Giuliano and Gabriele Cappelletti, who grew up in the furniture-making community of Italy, have worked with a wide variety of companies and artisans in the industry.

They shaped their approach to design by gaining knowledge and expertise working alongside these craftspeople over the years. This research group first focused on product, industrial, and interior design when it was founded in 1970; later, it branched out into the architecture field, eventually embracing the entire spectrum of design services.

The ABC Cucine sink "Lavando," which was a finalist in the Deco Ter Design Competition, ComOn Design, and the Brianza Design Competition, was one of the projects that was recognized for its excellence.