Wolf D3M Sofa Maxi
Wolf D3M Sofa Maxi
Wolf D3M Sofa Maxi
Wolf D3M Sofa Maxi
Wolf D3M Sofa Maxi

Wolf D3M Sofa Maxi

$14,552 $19,425

Wolf is a high-end, contemporary leather sofa that oozes flair while still providing all the conveniences of home and a place to unwind with ease.

This tremendously original couch is impossible to resist because to its attractively symmetrical design and ergonomically sound seat and back.

A modular sitting arrangement with a tall back and slim, tapered arms for maximum relaxation.

A novel, cutting-edge idea, this one doesn't rely on any sort of mechanism to do its job; instead, padding provides gentle, relaxing support for the lower back.

Cushions and accents like the ceramic table by the sofa's side were intended to increase the sofa's adaptability and use.

The corner unit's casual good looks and ability to rearrange furniture and alter one's perception of available space and the sofa's overall scale are two examples.


Gamma Arredamenti

GAMMA ARREDAMENTI is a family-owned business that approaches its daily tasks with a firm grasp on the past and a clear eye toward the future. Our ability to provide the best products, each of which has its own unique character and is elegant down to the smallest of details, is based on a combination of cutting-edge research and traditional craftsmanship. Even in the more modern shapes and clean lines, the handcrafted quality and design of our furniture is a testament to the skill and care that went into its creation.