Sip and Style: Coffee Side Tables That Elevate Your Space in Singapore

Posted by Royal Interiors POS on December 29, 2023

In the symphony of home decor, a few pieces play a more harmonious role than the versatile coffee side table. Beyond being a convenient resting spot for your morning cup of joe, these furnishings effortlessly fuse style with functionality, elevating the aesthetic of any living space.

At Royal Interiors, we understand the pivotal role that a well-chosen coffee table plays in completing the ensemble of your home.

As we bid farewell to the current year, we invite you to take advantage of our year-end sale, available until the 31st of December. This is the perfect opportunity to enhance your living space with our extensive range of beautiful coffee tables, each meticulously crafted to meet the diverse tastes of our esteemed clientele.

In this blog, we will explore the top 4 coffee tables at Royal Interiors, delving into their unique designs, practical features, and how they effortlessly blend into the tapestry of your home. Let's sip and style together as we unveil the perfect additions to your living space.

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1. Chess Coffee Table by Bacher

Shop for Chess coffee side table by Bacher here.

This sculptural table combines a gleaming black chessboard top with a sleek, minimalist base, creating a striking centerpiece for any modern living space. The integrated chessboard invites friendly competition or conversation, making this table as much a social hub as it is an aesthetic statement. High-quality materials like tempered glass and solid wood ensure durability and elegance, making the Chess Coffee Table a timeless investment.

2. Helix Coffee Table by Cattelan Italia

Shop for Helix coffee side table by Cattelan Italia here.

This sculptural table features a spiraling glass top supported by a mesmerizing stainless steel base, creating a dynamic visual flow. The Helix embodies the cutting-edge design ethos of Cattelan Italia, transforming an everyday object into a captivating work of art. The glass top catches and reflects light, adding an airy and spacious feel to your living area.

3. 968 Coffee Table by Rolf Benz

Shop for 968 coffee side table by Rolf Benz here.

This sleek and understated table features a rectangular top in walnut or oak veneer, supported by slender metal legs. The clean lines and natural materials evoke the calming simplicity of Scandinavian design, making the 968 Coffee Table a versatile addition to any contemporary space. The seemingly simple top conceals a clever storage compartment, offering practical functionality alongside stylish minimalism.

4. Amerigo coffee table by Cattelan Italia

Shop for Amerigo coffee side table by Cattelan Italia here.

This statement piece boasts a striking black metal base in a geometric X-shape, supporting a glass top for a touch of airiness. The Amerigo instantly commands attention, adding a touch of urban sophistication to any room. The combination of glass and metal allows the Amerigo to blend seamlessly with a variety of design styles, from industrial to modern to minimalist.

5. Basalt Side Table by Driadre

Shop for Basalt coffee side table by Driadre here.

This unique side table features a volcanic basalt top, each with its own distinct markings and textures, resting on a powder-coated steel base. The Basalt is more than just a table; it's a piece of nature brought indoors, guaranteed to spark conversation and admiration. The raw beauty of the basalt top contrasts beautifully with the sleek lines of the metal base, creating a harmonious balance of natural and modern elements.

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