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                    Elevate Your Living Room with the Perfect TV Console from Royal Interiors

                    Your living room is a sanctuary, a place to unwind, entertain, and create lasting memories. The focal point of this space deserves special attention, and that's where our exquisite collection of TV consoles comes in.

                    Royal Interiors offers a curated selection of premium TV consoles in Singapore, designed to seamlessly blend functionality with style. We understand that every living room is unique, which is why we offer a wide variety of TV console designs from different luxurious brands like Riva 1920, Eforma, Fiam Italia, Cattelan Italia and more to match your taste. From modern and minimalist designs to classic and timeless pieces, you're sure to find the perfect TV console in Singapore to complement your existing décor.

                    Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and constructed from the finest materials, our TV console designs for the living room are more than just furniture; they're statements of luxury. Many of our TV console designs boast modern features like ample storage space for media and electronics, integrated cable management solutions, and stunning finishes that will elevate the entire aesthetic of your living room.

                    Don't settle for an ordinary TV console in Singapore. Invest in a piece that reflects your style and elevates your living space. Visit Royal Interiors today and browse our collection of exquisite TV console design for your living room. We're confident you'll find the perfect one to transform your living room into a haven of comfort and style.

                    Best TV Console Designs for Living Room


                    1.Freedom Project TV2 by Riva 1920

                    Wooden TV console with shelving system made of independent solid wood modules with dovetail connections, which can also be used as a free-standing room divider. Thanks to special system fittings, the individual modules can be combined both vertically and horizontally and can optionally be supplemented with additional modules, rear panels, doors and drawers with PushPull closures, as well as TV variants with a rotating or fixed rear panel including cable guides. Optionally including assembly service.

                    This versatile shelving system can also function as a TV console. It offers a high degree of customisation, allowing you to create the perfect media centre for your needs.

                    2. Alma TV unit by Eforma

                    TV console with cabinet that has a soft and elegant shape, characterised by the roundness of the corners with workmanship that enhances the high craftsmanship of the project. Available with lacquered structure and doors or covered in leather and eco-leather. In the DIAMOND version, the doors are quilted. Lacquered top, in veneered wood or ceramic.

                    3. Caadre TV For 65" TV by Fiam Italia

                    A TV console with a modern design. Mirror with integral television. Wall mirror in 5 mm-thick semi-reflective glass comprising 4 single curved elements in 6 mm-thick semi-reflective black back-painted glass, or in 6 mm back-silvered bronze glass. Metal frame painted matt black.

                    4. Seneca TV Holder 250 by Cattelan Italia

                    The Seneca designer TV cabinet gives the living room a modern yet refined look. The smooth lacquered doors are well suited to a contemporary living room, thanks to their linear and simple shape. In the space between the doors and the wooden top of this modern TV unit, there is a practical open storage compartment for storing everyday objects within easy reach. The top in finely selected wood or in a colour matching the doors embellishes this designer TV unit making it a refined and unmistakable furnishing piece. The version with a wooden top has an irregular edge that lends it a tactile and natural appearance.

                    5. Seneca TV Holder - 4 by Cattelan Italia

                    The Seneca designer TV cabinet gives the living room a modern yet refined look. The smooth lacquered doors are well suited to a contemporary living room, thanks to their linear and simple shape. In the space between the doors and the wooden top of this modern TV unit, there is a practical open storage compartment for storing everyday objects within easy reach. The top in finely selected wood or in a colour matching the doors embellishes this designer TV unit making it a refined and unmistakable furnishing piece. The version with a wooden top has an irregular edge that lends it a tactile and natural appearance.

                    6. Award tv holder by Cattelan Italia

                    The Award TV holder is a modern TV console design with a cabinet that stands notable for the absence of closed doors, with the exception of the large central sliding drawer. Paolo Cattelan’s design thus includes numerous open compartments, just waiting to be enhanced by objects. The appearance is that of a modern TV stand but with a strong decorative component. What most distinguishes Award is the fine Marmi ceramic top, which can be customised by choosing from numerous attractive shades. Aesthetics and function are united in this design TV cabinet, as demonstrated by the open compartment between the drawer and the top, complete with a practical cable guide and suitable for positioning electronic devices. This elegant piece is completed by refined details such as the curved front edges, the sloping profile, the narrow side panels and the slight suspension from the floor. It’s impossible not to be enchanted.

                    7. Aston tv holder by Cattelan Italia

                    The Aston collection of fascinating furnishings consists of an amazing sideboard and a TV console, which lend charm to an unforgettable living room. The use of several materials and exquisite finishes is the distinctive feature of the Aston design sideboard and modern TV console design. The end result of this composition is perfectly balanced and sophisticated, as well as highly functional. The central open shelves allow you to further decorate the room, highlighting your favourite possessions. This modern living room set of furniture is made of skillfully combined wood, steel and leather, or eco-leather. Thanks to their fine manufacturing and their incisive design, these products constitute a contemporary yet refined design family.


                    How to Style TV Consoles in the Living Room?

                    The TV console: A mainstay in most living rooms. But it can be so much more than just a place to park your TV. With a little creativity, your TV console can become a stylish focal point that reflects your personality and ties your living room décor together.

                    Here's how to turn that functional furniture into a fabulous feature:

                    Finding Your Style
                    • Match Your Vibe: Is your living room modern and minimalist? Rustic and cosy? Choose a TV console in Singapore that complements your overall aesthetic. A sleek, low-profile console works well in modern spaces, while a reclaimed wood console adds warmth to a rustic setting.

                    Décor Duos and Trios
                    • The Rule of Three: Groupings of three are visually appealing. Try a trio of framed prints, vases in varying heights, or a combination of all three to add design to your TV console.

                    • Mix and Match Textures and Heights: Play with textures like wood, metal, and ceramic to add visual interest. Varying heights with stacked books, a sculptural piece, and a small potted plant create a dynamic display.

                    Light It Up
                    • Ambience with Lighting: Incorporate table lamps or strategically placed sconces on either side of the TV console for a warm and inviting atmosphere. String lights or fairy lights draped around the back of the console add a touch of whimsy.

                    Gallery Wall Magic
                    • Artwork Above the Console: Create a mini-gallery wall above your TV console. Choose artwork that complements your décor or a collection of family photos for a personal touch.

                    Pro Tip: Hang artwork at eye level for best impact.

                    Less is More
                    • Don't Crowd the Space: Avoid cluttering your TV console. Too many items can make the space feel overwhelming. Edit your décor and choose pieces you truly love.

                    Greenery Glory
                    • Bring Nature In: A pop of greenery is always a good idea. Place a small potted plant or a terrarium on your TV console to add a touch of life and colour.

                    Personal Touches
                    • Show Your Personality: Don't be afraid to showcase your hobbies and interests! Display travel souvenirs, a collection of seashells, or a vintage camera to add a personal touch to your TV console.

                    By following these tips, you can transform your TV console in Singapore from a simple piece of furniture into a stylish and functional focal point in your living room. So get creative, have fun, and let your TV console reflect your unique style!

                    Designer TV Console for Sale in Singapore

                    Searching for a designer TV console in Singapore that elevates your living room without breaking the bank? Look no further! We're currently offering amazing deals on a stunning selection of designer TV consoles in Singapore. From sleek modern designs to timeless wooden pieces, find the perfect statement piece to complement your décor at a fraction of the cost.

                    Where to Buy TV Console in Singapore?

                    Royal Interiors is your one-stop destination for luxury furniture in Singapore. We offer an exquisite collection of Italian luxury furniture, including TV consoles. You can purchase our modern design TV console online from our website.

                    Explore our extensive collection featuring:



                    • Modern TV Console Designs: Sleek, minimalist lines elevate your living space.

                    • Wooden TV Consoles: Timeless elegance and warmth for a classic touch.

                    • TV Console Cabinets: Functional storage solutions that keep your space organised.

                    • TV Feature Walls: Create a stunning focal point with integrated shelving and backdrops.

                    Search by keywords like "tv console Singapore," "tv console design," "modern tv console," or "wooden tv console" to find exactly what you're looking for.

                    Benefits of Shopping Online at Royal Interiors:

                    • Wide Variety: Browse a vast collection from the comfort of your home.

                    • Competitive Prices: Find the best deals on top-quality TV consoles.

                    • Convenient Delivery: Get your new TV console delivered straight to your door within 24 Hours!

                    Visit Our TV Console Offline Shop in Singapore

                    While browsing online is convenient, there's nothing quite like seeing the quality and craftsmanship of our TV consoles firsthand. Visit one of our 4 conveniently located showrooms across Singapore to explore our extensive collection. Our friendly staff is on hand to answer your questions and help you find the perfect TV console to elevate your living space.

                    Here, you can see the full range of materials, finishes, and sizes to find the perfect match for your décor.  Touch and feel the quality firsthand, ensuring the sturdiness and craftsmanship meet your expectations. Our knowledgeable staff is also on hand to answer any questions and help you find the ideal TV console for your needs, making it easier to visualise how it will elevate your living space.

                    Modern Design TV Console Benefits in a Living Room

                    The humble TV console is often an afterthought, but it can be a game-changer for your living space. Beyond simply holding your TV, a TV console offers a multitude of benefits that can enhance your entertainment experience, improve your home organisation, and even elevate your décor.


                    1.The Perfect Viewing Height

                    A TV console raises your television to an optimal viewing level, reducing neck strain and creating a more comfortable viewing experience for everyone in the room. No more hunching over or craning your neck to catch the latest blockbuster.

                    2. Storage Savvy

                    Most TV consoles come equipped with shelves, cabinets, and drawers, providing much-needed storage space for all your entertainment essentials. Say goodbye to overflowing media cabinets and hello to a clutter-free living area. Store your gaming consoles, movie collections, cable boxes, and more, all neatly tucked away within your TV console.

                    3. Cord Control Chaos

                    Tangled wires are the bane of any home entertainment system. A TV console with a built-in wire management system helps you tame the cord clutter. These systems often include cutouts or channels that allow you to discreetly route wires behind the console, keeping your entertainment area looking sleek and organised.

                    4. Design Du Jour

                    TV consoles come in a wide variety of styles, materials, and finishes. From modern and minimalist to classic and traditional, you can find a TV console that complements your existing décor and adds a touch of sophistication to your living space. Some TV consoles even double as beautiful display units, allowing you to showcase your favourite art objects or collectables.

                    5. Space Optimization

                    If you live in a small apartment or have limited floor space, a TV console can be a lifesaver. Wall-mounted TV consoles maximise space by utilising vertical real estate, leaving valuable floor space free for other furniture or activities.


                    A TV console is more than just a piece of furniture; it's an investment in your entertainment experience and your home's overall functionality. By incorporating a TV console into your living space, you can enjoy a more comfortable viewing experience, conquer clutter, and create a stylish and organised environment. So, ditch the bare-bones TV stand and discover the multitude of benefits a TV console can offer.

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