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Posted by Arun Raj on December 19, 2023

This season, Royal Interiors invites you to unwrap luxury at unbelievable prices with their Year End Sale, running from December 18th to 31st. Step into a world of timeless Italian design, where iconic brands like Riva 1920, Zanotta, Trussardi Casa, Rolf Benz, Lago, and more await, dressed in discounts of up to 70%.

Best-Selling Luxury Brands

The festive season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than by transforming your furniture for Christmas? At Royal Interiors’ furniture YEAR END SALE, you can do just that. Start by exploring our dining tables decorated for Christmas, then move on to shopping for some cheap armchairs or sofas for your living room. You can also consider changing your lights for the dining table or even choosing a bench for your dining table. Our participating luxury brands are known for their high-quality products, exquisite designs, and premium prices, and are often associated with exclusivity, prestige, and status.

1.Rolf Benz

The pinnacle of German craftsmanship with Rolf Benz's iconic sofas, renowned for their unparalleled comfort and sleek, minimalist lines. Experience the weightless sensation of sinking into a Rolf Benz sofa, a true indulgence for the discerning homeowner.

Some of the Rolf Benz furniture that are on sale include the NOA CHAIR WITHOUT ARMS and 986 Dining Table.

2.Riva 1920

Step back in time and revel in the rustic charm of Riva 1920's handcrafted furniture, each piece a testament to the finest Italian woodcarving traditions. From dining tables crafted from ancient Kauri wood to sideboards adorned with intricate marquetry, Riva 1920 infuses your home with timeless elegance.

Some of the Riva 1920 furniture that are on sale include the Noble Chair and Bungalow Dining Chair


Immerse yourself in the Italian dolce vita with Malerba's contemporary interpretations of classic design. Upholstery in rich velvets and leathers meld seamlessly with sleek metal accents, creating statement pieces that are both luxurious and functional.

Some of the Malerba furniture that are on sale include the Black & More round dining table and the Black & More rectangle dining table.


Elevate your bedroom to a sanctuary of serenity with Flou's innovative and luxurious beds. Experience exceptional comfort with their patented Flouflex® system, and let the minimalist elegance of their designs add a touch of sophisticated simplicity to your sleep haven.

Some of the Flou furniture that are on sale include the Arno Dining Armchair and Balloon dining table.

5.Fendi Casa

For those who crave the ultimate in fashion-forward living, Fendi Casa's bold and contemporary pieces are a must-have. From the iconic Peekaboo armchairs to the sleek, geometric sofas, Fendi Casa brings the unmistakable Fendi touch to your interiors.

Some of the Fendi Casa furniture that are on sale include the Elisa Chair and Doyle Dining Chair.

In addition to these best-selling luxury brands, we also have a wide range of other participating brands such as Zanotta, Natisa, Lago, Kritalia, and more. Our Year End sale is the perfect opportunity to upgrade furniture for Christmas at unbeatable prices. Visit our store today to take advantage of our sale for home decor.


Living Room: Statement Armchair Or A Modular Sofa

Christmas is all about creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for family and friends, and the sofas for the living room are the heart of it all. But when it comes to seating, do you go for the statement armchair or the versatile modular sofa? It's a classic Christmas conundrum!

Fret not, for Royal Interiors' Christmas furniture sale is here to help you unwrap the perfect seating solution for your holiday celebrations


Statement Armchair

Rolf Benz Noa Chair w/o arms

This sleek and modern chair is a sculptural masterpiece, crafted with premium leather and featuring a cantilevered seat for ultimate comfort. It's a conversation starter for sure, and its minimalist design won't clash with your other furniture for Christmas.

Shop for Rolf Benz Noa Chair w/o arms here.


Noble Chair Riva 1920

Indulge in rustic elegance with this handcrafted Italian gem. The Noble chair is a timeless piece, also a perfect furniture for Christmas, upholstered in rich velvet and adorned with intricate wood details. It's a cozy haven for reading by the crackling fireplace with a glass of eggnog.

Shop for Noble Chair by Riva 1920 here.


Modular Sofa

William Sofa by Zanotta

This modular sofa for the living room is the ultimate in flexibility and style. Mix and match individual sections to create the perfect layout for your Christmas gathering, from a cozy L-shape to a spacious U-shape. Its plush cushions and soft fabric invite you to sink in and stay a while.

Shop for William Sofa by Zanotta here.


Aries 2-Seater Sofa by Lenzi Marble

This sleek and modern sofa is a statement piece in itself. Its black marble base and luxurious leather upholstery exude sophistication, while its clean lines ensure it won't overwhelm your Christmas decor. It's perfect for small spaces or as a stylish addition to a larger living room. Also a great addition to your furniture for Christmas.

Shop for Aries 2-Seater Sofa by Lenzi Marble here.


Swing Sofa by Gurian

Add a touch of whimsy to your Christmas with this unique hanging sofa for the living room. It's suspended from the ceiling, creating an airy and playful atmosphere. The gentle swaying adds to the festive spirit, and it's sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike.

Shop for Swing Sofa by Gurian here.


Dining Room: Sleek Dining Table And Designer Chairs

The holidays are upon us, and with them comes the joy of festive gatherings and delicious meals shared with loved ones. But before you can whip up that mouthwatering Christmas feast, you need the perfect dining table decorated for Christmas. Let's step into the heart of the home – the dining room – and explore some stunning table and chair combinations that will elevate your Christmas celebrations to a whole new level.

1.Smart Round Dining Table by Lenzi Marble

This modern masterpiece is a conversation starter for sure and can be your best furniture for Christmas. Its black marble base and sleek glass top exude sophistication, while its extendable functionality accommodates last-minute guests with ease. Imagine the sparkle of Christmas candles reflected on its polished surface, creating a truly magical atmosphere.

Shop for Smart Round Dining Table by Lenzi Marble here.

2.Raw Diamond Dining Table by Liu Jo Living

This stunner is a feast for the eyes. Its raw-edged wood top and metallic base create a captivating contrast, while the plush velvet chairs add a touch of undeniable glamour. Picture your Christmas table adorned with glistening silver ornaments and crimson poinsettias, perfectly complemented by the table's raw beauty. This belongs to the Christmas furniture for sale of Royal Interiors.

Shop for Raw Diamond Dining Table by Liu Jo Living here.

3.Galileo Round Table by Fendi Casa

For those who crave the ultimate in fashion-forward living, the Galileo table is a must-have piece of furniture for Christmas. Its iconic Peekaboo legs and sleek glass top bring the unmistakable Fendi touch to your Christmas decor. Imagine the joy of unwrapping Christmas presents amidst the sleek lines and modern elegance of this designer masterpiece.

Shop for Galileo Round Table by Fendi Casa here.

4.Balloon Dining Table by Malerba

This playful table is like a breath of fresh air. Its unique balloon-shaped base and glass top add a touch of whimsy to your furniture for Christmas. Picture the delight on your guests' faces as they gather around this playful table, creating a truly memorable holiday experience. 

Shop for Balloon Dining Table by Malerba here.

5.Shell Plus Dining Table by Natisa

Inspired by the natural world, this table is a statement piece. Its organically shaped top and sleek metal base create a stunning contrast, while the comfortable woven chairs invite you to linger over Christmas desserts. Imagine the warm glow of candlelight reflecting on the table's natural textures, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere for your holiday gatherings.

Shop for Shell Plus Dining Table by Natisa here.


Top 5 Furniture Pieces That Make Perfect Christmas Gifts

Christmas is a time for giving, and what better way to spread the cheer than by gifting furniture for Christmas that elevates their home and celebrates their unique style? Forget the socks and sweaters, this year, unwrap the magic of furniture for Christmas with these top 5 pieces guaranteed to ignite joy:

1.Cerva armchair by Fendi Casa

For the fashionista on your list, the Cerva armchair by Fendi Casa is a statement piece that screams "luxury." Its sleek lines and iconic Peekaboo detail embody the Fendi touch, instantly transforming any living room into a runway-ready space. Imagine them unwrapping this furniture for Christmas and envisioning countless cozy evenings spent in its embrace.

Grab this at Royal Interior’s furniture year end sale.

2.Dua swivel trestle chair by Kristalia

Gift the gift of adaptability with the Dua swivel trestle chair by Kristalia. Its playful design, with its swivel base and unique trestle legs, adds a touch of whimsy to any room. Picture them enjoying breakfast in the kitchen, swiveling to catch up on emails in the home office, and then seamlessly transitioning to cozy evenings by the fireplace – all in one chair!

Grab this at Royal Interior’s furniture year end sale.

3.Ds 0490 functional sofa by De Sede

For those who crave the ultimate in comfort and sophistication, the Ds 0490 functional sofa by De Sede is a dream come true. Its modular design allows them to customize the layout to their needs, while its plush cushions and innovative features like built-in tables and lighting make it the ultimate relaxation haven. This Christmas, gift them the gift of endless cozy movie nights and luxurious comfort.

Grab this at Royal Interior’s furniture year end sale.

4.Rosy armchair by Compar

Give the gift of timeless elegance with the Rosy armchair by Compar. Its handcrafted wooden frame and plush upholstery exude rustic charm, while its modern lines and sleek silhouette ensure it seamlessly integrates into any décor. Imagine them curling up with a good book in this cozy haven, the crackling fireplace casting warm hues on its rich textures.

Grab this at Royal Interior’s furniture year end sale.

5.Decant round dining table by Riva 1920

Make their Christmas truly magical with the Decant round dining table by Riva 1920. Its solid wood base and glass top create a stunning contrast, while its organic shape invites conversation and connection. Picture them hosting unforgettable Christmas feasts around this table, the laughter and clinking of glasses echoing in the warm glow of candlelight.

Grab this at Royal Interior’s furniture year end sale.


Christmas Decor Ideas

Christmas is a time to transform your home into a wonderland of festive cheer, and this year, let your furniture for Christmas be the muse for your decorating! Imagine weaving together the beauty and functionality of top pieces like the Cerva armchair by Fendi Casa and the Decant round dining table by Riva 1920 to create a truly unforgettable holiday atmosphere.

1.Fashion-Forward Foliage

Channel the sleek lines and luxurious textures of the Cerva armchair by Fendi Casa with a modern take on traditional greenery. Ditch the bulky garlands and opt for minimalist wreaths made of black feathers or metallic branches, echoing the chair's iconic Peekaboo detail. Scatter geometric glass vases filled with vibrant poinsettias or silver-painted eucalyptus leaves for a touch of contemporary elegance.

2.Cozy Comfort with a Rustic Twist

The Rosy armchair by Compar, with its rustic charm and modern silhouette, inspires a cozy Christmas haven. Layer plush throws and faux fur blankets over your existing sofas (don't forget the next sofas for sale at Royal Interiors!), creating inviting nooks for reading by the fireplace. Add warmth with natural textures like woven baskets filled with pinecones and cinnamon sticks, and string twinkling fairy lights across exposed beams for a magical touch.

3.A Feast for the Senses

The Decant round dining table by Riva 1920, with its stunning contrast of solid wood and glass, begs for a Christmas feast fit for royalty! Lay a luxurious tablecloth in a rich jewel tone, like emerald green or sapphire blue, and set the stage with sparkling crystal glasses and metallic cutlery. Don't forget the centerpiece! Opt for a cascading arrangement of cranberries, oranges, and cinnamon sticks for a festive scent and visual delight.

4.Playful Whimsy and Modern Joy

The Dua swivel trestle chair by Kristalia, with its playful design and versatility, invites a touch of whimsy to your Christmas decor. Hang whimsical paper lanterns in pastel hues from the ceiling, and let them dance in the light of the Christmas tree. Swap out your usual throw pillows for ones adorned with reindeer or snowflakes, and scatter plush reindeer plushies around the room for a playful surprise.

5.A Touch of Timeless Elegance

The Ds 0490 functional sofa by De Sede, with its modular design and luxurious comfort, deserves a backdrop of timeless elegance. Drape your windows in rich velvet curtains in a deep shade of crimson or forest green, and let them pool gracefully onto the floor. Adorn the mantle with a collection of antique candlesticks and vintage ornaments, creating a warm and inviting glow.


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Make your festive dreams a reality by exploring Royal Interiors' Year End furniture sale today. Uncover the ideal pieces to bring holiday cheer into your home, all at incredible discounts of up to 70% off. Whether you're in search of cozy sofas for ultimate living room comfort, elegant dining tables adorned for Christmas gatherings, or various other treasures, you'll find everything needed to craft a truly enchanting holiday season.

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Wishing You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

As you embark on this joyful season of giving and celebrating, we extend warm wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May your home be filled with love, laughter, and the delight of new furniture from Royal Interiors.

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