907 Valet
907 Valet
907 Valet
907 Valet

907 Valet

$3,997 $5,330

  • SKU: ROLF/VALET/907-121
Always available to assist you. This companion and aide will make life so much simpler, not only in the bedroom but also in any other place you could be in.

Because it features a chic mirror and a nice clothes rack, you can use it at any time to give yourself a quick once-over before you leave the house.

Even when it's not "on duty," it still manages to look amazing, and it can be tailored to your own preferences.

Traffic black, umbra grey, and ochre-beige metallic are the three color choices that are available for the painted steel frame and clothes rail.

You have the option of making the foot and storage section out of solid wood, oak, oak that has been dyed black, or American walnut.

Gunther Kleinert Labsdesign

The Hamburg, Germany-based Gunther Kleinert is a professional product and interior designer. When he was twenty, he went to Devon, England, to apprentice with a master cabinetmaker.

In 2008, he moved back to Hamburg to attend the University of Fine Arts and earn a degree in Industrial Design.