Nebula Ceiling-mounted Light

Nebula Ceiling-mounted Light

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  • SKU: ARTE/NEBULA/001-1699010A
Nebula Light features am opaline methacylate diffuser with a Polished White finish.

Intended for mounting in either singular or multiple clusters across walls or ceilings.

The undulating surface acts as a diffuser, generated from advanced parametric scripting the vortices act as light capturing forms, emitting a glow of light phenomena from a ring of embedded LEDs located in its circumference.

Ross Lovegrove

Ross Lovegrove is a designer and visionary who¹s work is considered to be at the very apex of stimulating a profound change in the physicality of our three dimensional World.

Inspired by the logic and beauty of nature his designs possess a trinity between technology, materials science and intelligent organic form, creating what many industrial leaders see as the new aesthetic expression for the 21st Century.

There is always embedded a deeply human and resourceful approach in his designs, which project an optimism, and innovative vitality in everything he touches from cameras to cars to trains, aviation and architecture.