Macchina Della Luce Mod. A

Macchina Della Luce Mod. A

$5,099 $5,955

Macchina is a pendant lamp designed and produced by the Catellani&Smith brand. Available in different finishes.

Macchina della Luce emerged from the Luci d’Oro collection, and was also developed after reflecting on the colour of light: the golden light of the sun and fire; warm light, in which the concept of refraction began to take shape in Enzo Catellani’s mind and which he used later in other creations.

Catellani&Smith propose this suspension lamp in Modern style, powerful and with great visual impact. The sizeable structure is the result of a set of 4 discs of various sizes, inserted in descending order from top to bottom.

The light is born as a reflection on the colour of the lamp itself, where the concept of refraction begins to take shape.

The simplicity is apparent, revealing a design and production know-how capable of resolving complexity in elements and details that disappear in the main structure.

The lamp can fit well in a living room, in a professional studio, in a hotel lobby and in any case in large living rooms, immediately catching the eye and making itself adaptable mainly in luxurious contexts.


Enzo Catellani

Born in 1950, Enzo Catellani lives in Bergamo. During the 1980s, he began the limited-series production of lamps made to his designs, for sale through his own shop.

In 1989, the lamps attracted the attention of Düsseldorf-based distributors Renate and Peter Meese, who presented them at the Ambiente expo in Frankfurt, where they were rapturously received.

In the same year, he set up the Catellani & Smith company, which – thanks to a combination of creativity and determination, and the input of an excellent team – led to prestigious successes both in Europe and around the world.

The uniqueness of the company's production system and the particular nature of their facilities have made Castellani & Smith a favourite of specialist journals and international clients.

Castellani has been featured in numerous periodicals around the world. In short, he has invented a new working style that reflects his specific skills.