Dadone Stool
Dadone Stool
Dadone Stool
Dadone Stool

Dadone Stool

$1,937 $2,580

Stool in small or big sizes, made from a single block of aromatic wood, with an obvious nod to the well-known board game on its surface (two elements are placed one on top of the other).

Andrea Castrignano

Italian-born Andrea Castrignano was born in 1969. In the United States, where he also had his first professional experience as an Interior Designer, he was able to complete his education.

He attributes his concern for service quality and his focus on each customer's unique requirements to his upbringing in the Anglo-Saxon culture.

In 1997, he moved back to Milan and created a studio in the beautiful Piazza del Liberty, close to the Piazza Duomo.

He acquired a select and prominent clientele thanks to the combination of his professional seriousness and a natural predisposition for human interactions, quickly rising to the ranks of the industry's most respected and appreciated real estate consultants.

Over time, he developed a distinctive trade philosophy that fused intermediary work with design, and he pioneered the application of the "turnkey" model to the Italian home construction market.

The company's current structure, which is comprised of 11 experts, allows it to guide clients through the whole property-buying and-improvement process, from initial search and selection to final furniture and accessory selection.

Now in its fourth season, "Cambio Casa, Cambio Vita!" is a docu-reality program shown in prime time on La 5 and starring him since 5 October 2011.

Andrea's talent for transforming drab homes into stylish and welcoming spaces is legendary, and he never fails to spread joy and goodwill to his clients, employees, and audience members.

In preparation for Design Week 2013, the studio relocated from its longtime home in Piazza Liberty to the more modern digs at Via Adige, 11; the new location is a 400 square meter open space designed to be a pleasant place to both work and live, and it will be used to create new designs and meet with clients.

The interior is a sample house of around 100 square meters, a natural extension of the design study and a defining feature of the studio's aesthetic. It serves as an exhibition space, the product of an exclusive concept developed in collaboration with 40 different businesses, and a genuine synthesis of functionality, aesthetics, comfort, and quality.