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Foot Box

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The Foot Box Shoe Cabinet has been created by Luciano Bertoncini for the brand Kristalia. It is a clever piece that combines form and function beautifully. It also makes optimal use of wall or vertical space.

At first glance, the Foot Box Shoe Cabinet is a wall-mounted mirror. It is actually a shoe cabinet that is concealed behind a mirror door. It has a frame made of varnished aluminium. It conceals hinges that make it possible to open the door. It can open up to 180 degrees. A curved handle on the side is used to open and shut the door. Inside, the cabinet has shoe racks. They are made of aluminium and sheets that have raised edges which hold shoes in place. The unit has six shelves and each one can hold three pairs of shoes. This makes it large enough for a family, at least for holding the shoes that are most frequently worn and house slippers that are changed into at the door. It can also suit a single person, especially one who has a small bedroom or a compact living space like a studio apartment.

The Foot Box Shoe Cabinet has a width of 65cm, a height of 190cm and a depth of 20cm. It comes with a neutral-coloured frame.


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