Glifo Wall Lamp
Glifo Wall Lamp
Glifo Wall Lamp
Glifo Wall Lamp
Glifo Wall Lamp

Glifo Wall Lamp

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A line cuts through the air, a flag remains motionless, and the darkness becomes illuminated.


Sommella & Anonima Luci

In his capacity as an industrial designer, Valerio Sommella has worked with such companies as Apple, Alessi, Honda, and Panasonic.

After spending years in top schools in Milan and Amsterdam, he began working on a wide variety of projects in 2009. These span from lighting and furniture to consumer electronics and accessories.

The Milan-based lighting design studio Anonima Luci was established by Alberto Saggia and Stefania Kalogeropoulos. It has a strong track record in the fields of high-end retail, hospitality, residential, and the art-show industry.

At the same time, they work on creating light sculptures and other forms of light art. An amalgamation of many competences.

Sommella and Anonima Luci's partnership has produced innovative works that showcase their complementary visual sensibilities. Artifacts of refined expressive power, wherein a thorough understanding of lighting technology is married to an aesthetic focus on minimalism and clean lines.