Beverly Chair
Beverly Chair

Beverly Chair

$803 $7,000

The vacuum-formed seat adheres to the frame, merging the two into a single unit and emphasizing the graceful contours throughout.

Entirely saddle leather or completely lacquered with a firm seat; in white self-skinning cold-formed polyurethane or covered by fabric or leather with a softer seat—all of these finishing options thrill without detracting from the shape's simplicity and precision.

Beverly is a very adaptable product because of the design and light wave action made possible by the pliability of the materials employed.

Mauro Lipparini

Mauro Lipparini has taught at the Department of Architecture at the University of Florence since 1980, where he received his degree.

Lipparini is a pioneer and visionary in the field of "natural minimalism," and he has been recognized as such by numerous international design competitions, including the Young & Designer Milano (1987) and the International Du Pont Award Köln (1988 and 1989) in Italy.

Lipparini has done considerable industrial design work for numerous well-known European and Japanese companies, including furniture, textiles, and more.

Lipparini's primary areas of focus in architecture and interior design include homes (both residential and public), stores (both wholesale and retail), and exhibition spaces.

Graphic design, editorial, large-scale production, and product application are only some of Lipparini's state-of-the-art services in the realm of building corporate identities.

Lipparini's style is infused with a spirit of joy, a buoyant sense of pleasure and possibility, despite its minimalist roots in spare forms and clear, powerful lines.

With his uninhibited use of bright colors, natural textures, and inventive visual concepts, Lipparini expands minimalism's color palette, ushering the aesthetic into a new era while still conveying its enduring power.

Antonangeli (Italy), Arflex-Seven (Italy), Centro Studi Auto Lancia (Italy), Contempo-Toray (Italy/Japan), de Sede (Switzerland), Dema (Italy), Emu (Italy), Interlübke (Germany), IPE (Italy), Italvelluti (Italy), I 4 Mariani(Italy), Kyor (Spain).