Kathleen Free Standing Mirror
Kathleen Free Standing Mirror
Kathleen Free Standing Mirror
Kathleen Free Standing Mirror
Kathleen Free Standing Mirror

Kathleen Free Standing Mirror

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Free standing or wall mirror with frame made of 6mm high-temperature fused glass, back-painted with semi transparent finishes. 5 mm central mirror.

Free standing version made of metal structure in Metallic Champagne or Vulcano Grey finish. Solid wooden foot, Tobacco finish or heat-treated black finish.

Integrated LED lighting system with a dimmer switch and temperature regulation (only for free standing version).
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Davide Oppizzi

In 2001, Davide Oppizzi opened the Geneva office of DCUBE design espaces lumière SA. He is an expert at making and developing high-quality projects that have to do with lighting, green technology, and architecture.

Davide Oppizzi was born to an Italian mother and a Swiss father in Switzerland in 1971. He got the "Swiss-made" attitude and the Latin temperament from these two cultures. Since he was a child, he spent a lot of time in nature and thought about and copied its shapes and colors by making all kinds of things. He wanted to be creative so badly that he went to an Applied Arts school to help him reach his deepest goals.

Davide Oppizzi's creations are at the top of the international scene because of his wide range of skills, especially in lighting engineering, design, green tech, the world of luxury bathing, interior design, and commercial fittings. He has worked on projects for high-end brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Graff that show the deep connection between a person and the nature around them, the nature that always gives them ideas. His way of thinking is like that of an artisan: he makes things and focuses on what's special, unique, and personal about them.

Davide Oppizzi is an expert in the art of lighting, which he says is the only way to "sublimate" the materials he works with. He is always looking for pure and real lines that take the object to a level of timeless aesthetic refinement that is both exclusive and useful.

For Davide Oppizzi, each project he works on is a new and original setting that needs to be thought of ahead of technology. He gives each of his clients his full attention and listens to them in a way that will take him to the very edge of what is possible between a creative mind and technology. Davide Oppizzi is a unique and rare mix of two things that, at first glance, seem to be at odds with each other: technology and creative sensitivity. Because he has two skills, he can start by focusing on the subtle visual memories he has from his imagined journeys and then define them with the help of modern technology.