Max beam stool/table
Max beam stool/table
Max beam stool/table
Max beam stool/table
Max beam stool/table
Max beam stool/table
Max beam stool/table

Max beam stool/table


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Solid, one-piece stool/table whose thickness draws attention to its purely geometric design.

A helpful appliance that may be used in a variety of settings around the house.

Ludovica + Roberto Palomba

The Palombas, the golden duo of Italian design, have been creating timeless pieces for almost 25 years.

First, they take a philosophical stance, prioritizing not just the aesthetic result but also the well-being of those who interact with their work. This places them in close proximity to the concept of balance of eastern heritage, rather than to the style popularized by the Nordic countries.

The outcome of a deliberate choice of ideals and themes rather than a reductionist exercise, the design is bold without being inconsistent. Even in seemingly nonsensical worlds like the one found in the toilet, where they are acknowledged as the undisputed heroes, they have managed to achieve a dialogue between the organic and the square.

They are dualistic and inquisitive, and their research into industrial molds and serial production, with the goal of reaching the largest possible audience, is indicative of this.

On the other hand, they do not view as unethical the pursuit of the artisanal tradition that can preserve and transmit the culture of Italian knowledge production.

A deconstructed vocabulary generates a free vocabulary, as they put it, because "no freedom can restrict the freedom of others."

Their sign is mature and controlled, binding coherently like a fil rouge, very different projects, where every function, every shape, and every aesthetic is transverse in a temporal dialogue from one object to another, from one company to another.

In their 25 years, they have explored virtually every category of furniture, outfitting the various functions with emotion to avoid repetition while still maintaining a recognizability.

This ability in a world that yells and urgently strives to be recognized, the desire to become abstract, to give permanent satisfaction and well-being, by engaging rightly in the rituals of everyday life, is the key to their success.

When asked about their work, Ludovica and Roberto Palomba say, "It would be easier for us to use decorations and figures of speech than to investigate politeness."

The Palombas' ability to project over the years has influenced many fields and has most recently landed in architecture, boating, and contract, following the bulimic curiosity that has never left them.

They've picked up a slew of prestigious prizes from all around the world, including the Compasso d'Oro, the Elle Decoration International Design Award, the Red Dot, the Design Plus Award, the Good Design Award, and the German Design Award.

Brands such as Antolini, Benetti, Bisazza, Boffi, Brix, Cappellini, Dornbracht, Driade, Elica, Elmar, Exteta, Fiam, Flaminia, Foscarini, Kartell, KitchenAid, Kos, Laufen, Lema, Plank, Poltrona Frau, Rapsel, Redaelli, Salviati, Sawaya & Moroni, Samsung, Schiffin.